Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association

I ocassionally get sms alerts to my phone from the Beijing Turf & Equestrian Association, the local semi-governmental body that represents equestrian clubs in the Beijing region. The BTEA’s vice-chairman Yiu Kak moaned to me recently that it’s become increasingly difficult to organise competitions – which he believes are the only way of growing the equestrian industry in China – because the audience is small and there’s no cash from the traditional money spinner in Japanese and Hong Kong equestrian scenes: racing. Still, Yiu claims there are 75 equestrian (including the Beijing Jockey Club) clubs in Beijing, with 3,000 staff and 30,000 members. I find the latter figure hard to believe – unless we’re counting databases of people who’ve simply dropped by for a look. BTEA member Equuleus, a Beijing riding school nearly a decade in business, is doing alright: having added new stables and outdoor arenas they’re currently building a new clubhouse for members.

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