Russia to China on Horseback

Yet another epic journey: China’s vastness lends itself to adventurers, usually European and American, biking or driving here from Russia or Mongolia. But Li Jing, a Chinese man living in Moscow, has made the trip by horseback. Somehow repeating the feat of various Mongol cavalries on the backs of nine horses he’s used for the 20-month trip. His arrival at the Great Wall – he’d planned to get here in time for the Olympics Games last August but was held up by the Siberian winter and police in Ufa who mistook him for a runaway robber – got him on the cover of the China Daily, the English-language journal of official record here. Li’s photo-op was probably conspired by the China Equestrian Association, whose officers, Li told the China Daily, has also given him the idea of riding back to Russia with Megan Lewis, who will ride from Beijing to London in time for the 2012 Olympics. We talked with Megan about her Long Horse Ride in an earlier blog posting.

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