Beijing’s Equestrian Excess?

It’s funny, a week after I wrote an article about the local club scene for the same paper this week there’s a piece in the Global Times, business section, on a‘booming’ local equestrian scene. I was interested to note the focus on the Yanjiao equestrian centre, a newish facility in an unlikely setting, an industrial estate way out east of the city. While straying confusingly from equestrian centres to racing (and reprising the will-they-won’t-they-allow-gambling issue) the article does re-emphasise how much of an equestrian scene Beijing has compared to Shanghai – 65 riding clubs (the quality of some of them is questionable) compared to less than 20 in Shanghai, a city consider wealthier and more cosmopolitan. I’ll shortly share some of the comments I’ve been getting regarding standards at local equestrian centres.

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