Riding China On a Horse

After some emailing between us I had the pleasure lately to meet in Beijing with Megan Lewis, the woman behind the Long Horse Ride between Beijing and London in the period between the Olympics in the former and latter city (2008-2012). Here’s a note from her on her progress: “In spite of bumbling bureaucrats, pedantic police, tiresome traffic, hobbling horses and bad backs, we have now successfully completed the first trial stage of The Long Horse Ride, from Laolongtou where the Great Wall of China reaches the sea, to the Wall at Badaling in Beijing district.”

For details, diary and photos – and how she mananged to stable her horses in some Chinese villages that wouldn’t have seen a foreigner on a horse since the Opium Wars, go to www.thelonghorseride.com. Megan will be returning to China in March 2009 for the next leg to the other end of the Wall at Jiayuguan. The ride is raising money for www.schoolchildrenforchildren.org, donators can follow the link below http://justgiving.com/meganlonghorseride. Call Megan on 01558-650582 (Home) 07523654958 (mobile)

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