‘CHF2015,’ China’s horse industry expo has been under way at the expo hall near Beijing airport this past two days. Incredibly this is the second such show in as many months –there’s also one in Guangzhou. Organisers say 150 exhibitors at the show include vendors of horses as well as horse feeds, medicines and overseas training schools for horse riders.

The show is co-organised by Tarsus, a British based company, and while the 150 figure may be over-stated the expo has kept going since 2011, with the other exhibition, titled ‘HORFA,’ also happening in Shanghai in the past month.

I am happy to see the official after-party was held in Equuleus Club (www.equriding.com) not too far from the expo halls. The transformation of this club since I started to ride there in 2003 has been phenomenal.

It’s more a lifestyle concept –a conference room and catering space are designed with the corporate functions and fashion shoots which frequent the club. And the auto advertising in the indoor arena is pitched at well-heeled punters who come here. Compared to a European establishment there’s an emphasis on human comforts moreso than on the progeny of the horses – and this is very much the trend at most of the Chinese equestrian clubs I’ve visited.