Well done to Zhou Xinjie, recently elected chair of the new Jinnan Equestrian Association. A business leader in the province of Shandong, Zhou rolled RMB2 million in the Shandong Ai Ma Ren (Horse Loving People) Equestrian Club (aimaren.com.cn) near Jinan Airport. The local government (Communist Party) top brass showed up for the launch of the association in this city on the southeast coast: after the officials read some blessings and advice for the new organisaiton, a democratic election of board officers was held.

Zhou’s club is located in Yu LongWan EcoZone. I love how China’s wealthy stress about getting out of the traffic-choked city to purer pastures, without any recognition that humongous traffic jams here might be somewhat of their own making. Well, when they roll their BMWs and Porsches out to the pristine green hills of Yu Long Wan there may be more room for Jinan’s buses and bikes to move. Again, though congrats to Mr Zhou on his election.